CAMLS Center, Downtown Tampa 2021 Optimize Your Practice: Understanding the CDT Code, Dental Benefits, Claim Processing, Contracts - and More

Live Virtual Event

You don't want to miss Dr. Christopher Bulnes and Dr. Jessica Stilley-Mallah's discussion on how you can optimize your dental practice in 2021. This lecture will analyze several factors that influence a dental plan's reimbursement for dental services. Topics to be covered include benefit plan limitations and exclusions; participating provider contracts; effective appeal of denied claims; and proper, accurate and consistent Current Dental Terminology (CDT) coding for patient records and claims and learn how to use guides on recent CDT Code additions.

Codes for COVID-19 Vaccination Procedures and Molecular Testing Added to CDT 2021!

Learning Objectives:

* Recognize how dental plan provisions affect reimbursement for services
* Implement ADA coding tools for accurate and error-free claim submissions
* Identify payer CDT Code misuse to appeal adjudication decisions

Q&A session will be available once lecture concludes.

This lecture is being live-streamed and not available on-demand.

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