In 2001 a donation of $2,500 was sent to the Florida Dental Association Foundation to establish the West Coast District Dental Association (WCDDA) Fund. The WCDDA Fund is a donor advised fund administered through the Florida Dental Health Foundation and it is through this partnership with the FDHF that the WCDDA Fund receives guidance, a tax-exempt status as a 501c (3) charitable organization and educational foundation, and administrative support.


  • To be a self-sufficient entity to support local (West Coast District) charitable and educational oral health programs and hurricane relief.
  • Develop name recognition, familiarity, and longevity of the WCDDA Fund throughout the West Coast District area of Florida.
  • Not to conflict with the Florida Dental Health Foundation, but to assist in the continued growth of the Florida Dental Health Foundation.


  • Support requests for student aid through grants and reward academic achievement with scholarships thereby increasing the number of dental hygiene, assistant, and laboratory technician graduates.
  • To assist dental programs in recruitment activities and specific needs required to excel in the education of all students.
  • To support the dental health education and prevention of dental diseases to all sectors of the public with a special focus on Access to Care programs.
  • To recognize special requests from all entities of dentistry which enhance and promote the dental profession.
  • Hurricane and disaster relief to WCDDA members.

The WCDDA Fund grows with support from the membership of the WCDDA through individual contributions and money raised by various WCDDA sponsored activities. Participation in WCDDA Fund activities assures growth and longevity of the fund, provides a charitable outlet, and guarantees success of all events. Contributions must be clearly marked and designated to the WCDDA Fund. It is advised to contact your tax consultant to determine if your donation is tax deductible. All contributions go directly to the WCDDA Fund with the exception of 5% designated to the Florida Dental Health Foundation to cover administrative costs. WCDDA Fund donations support local programs, students and “hometown” ventures promoting a positive image of dentistry to the public. The WCDDA Fund serves as a liaison between the dental community and various programs geared towards the betterment of dental education and the advancement of dental programs.

The WCDDA Fund is overseen by the WCDDA Fund Committee which approves all requests for assistance. These requests are forwarded to the Florida Dental Association Foundation Board for final approval and distribution of funds.

Fund Committee Members:

The Committee consists of three dentists and two ex-officio members that represent different regions of the West Coast District Dental Association and serve all WCDDA Affiliates. The appointed Chair will report and serve as liaison to the WCDDA Executive Cabinet and House of Delegates. The WCDDA Fund Committee approves all requests for assistance and forwards these requests to the FDHF Board for final approval and distribution of funds.

West Coast District Dental Association Fund Committee

  • Dr. Robert J. Klement, Chairman
  • Dr. Michael KirschSebring
  • Dr.Glenn Scheumaker

  • Mr. Steve Pollock, Shamrock Dental
    South Pasadena

  • Dr. Thomas Reinhart
  • Mrs. Lissette Zuknick, Ex-officio

For more information, applications and application guidelines, please contact the West Coast District Dental Association:

1114 Kyle Wood Lane
Brandon, FL 33511
p: (813) 654-2500
f: (813) 654-2505
Email: lissette@wcdental.org

When you think of the West Coast, think of the West Coast Fund!