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The WCDDA started the fund with a donation of $2,500. Hurricane relief, public dental education, local programs (ancillary education), scholarships, grants and select projects are all worthy components and need continued support at the local level.


The WCDDA Fund grows due to support from the membership of the West Coast District Dental Association. Support comes from individual contributions and money raised by various WCDDA sponsored activities. Your participation in WCDDA Fund fundraising activities assures growth and longevity of the fund, provides a charitable outlet, and guarantees success of all events. Other avenues to contribute to the WCDDA Fund will be made available through direct marketing campaigns, the WCDDA Newsletter, and the WCDDA website.

All contributions must be clearly marked and designated to the WCDDA Fund. It is advised to contact your tax consultant to determine if your donation is tax deductible.

Funds distributed will go to local programs and students – “hometown” ventures. A contributor to the WCDDA Fund knows his/her money is being well spent within the West Coast District and will help to promote a positive image of dentistry to the public. A contributor can watch their component association’s fund grow and prosper under sound leadership and see tangible end results.

Be a part of the growth and development
The WCDDA Fund is focused on becoming a self-sufficient entity of the West Coast District Dental Association by means of charitable contributions and gifts. The WCDDA Fund will serve as a liaison between the dental community and various programs geared towards the betterment of dental education and the advancement of dental programs.

Donate online

Please contact the West Coast at (813) 654-2500 for more information. P.S. Two things to remember – your contribution is tax deductible AND the West Coast Fund serves local programs and students.

When you think of the West Coast, think of the West Coast Fund!